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What We Do

We are an organization of volunteer pilots, aircraft owners and ground support. We are unified to help Albertans get to and from their medical appointments efficiently, reducing stress, and at NO COST to the patient or family. Medical appointments are already stressful without worrying about travel, time off work, family logistics, and most common; expenses. By transporting patients to and from their appointments, often the same day, we enable patients to receive vital non-emergent medical care, that might otherwise be inaccessible due to financial, geographic, or medical limitations.

Antoinette Shakespeare

Antoinette Shakespeare, Raheem (her son) and husband. Angel Flight flew them from the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton to Yorkton after she donated some of her liver to her son.

Mike Lane came through again!

Our heroes are truly invaluable, this was Mikes second mission for Angel Flight Alberta. A big thank-you to our volunteer pilots!

Two of our Angels

Angel Flight #7706 brought this mother/daughter couple back to LaCrete via High Level. Thank you to all our volunteers for making it possible!
  • We are a charitable organization that provides free air transportation for people needing medical services at hospitals and centralized medical care facilities in Edmonton and Calgary. We use a network of volunteer pilots, aircraft owners and ground support to fly as needed, and as often as our capacity allows. We’re here to assist you!

  • Angel Flight Alberta was started in the spring of 2006 with a vision to fill a need for rural Albertans who must travel long distances for medical services. Our objective is to transport non-emergent patients whose medical and or financial situation makes it difficult or impossible for them to travel by conventional means.

  • There is no better feeling than giving back and supporting those who can’t always support themselves in their time of need. Our Angels help people all over Alberta to get the medical care they require, each dollar counts and is crucial to supporting the families in communities across this great province.

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